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Smart Money is a game-changer in the entertainment industry. The diverse range of solutions appeals to players’ preferences perfectly. The fact that the software is customisable to suit my casino's branding is just icing on the cake.

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The entertainment industry is actively developing. It reacts almost instantly to any social, economic, and other global changes in the world.

A striking example was the record recovery of the field after the Covid pandemic. After the lifting of quarantine restrictions in 2021, the gambling niche grew by 60%. The volume of market revenues has already exceeded $60,629.31 million in the first half of 2023. By 2028, it will reach $103,738.20 million with a minimum average annual growth rate of 11.34%.

Do you want to try yourself as a gaming platform operator without experience and financial risks? Your ideal option is to connect a free trial online casino from the Smart Money studio.

Casino demo version

What is a Demo Version of a Gambling Platform

The test mode of the slot machine site is a full-fledged gaming product with open access to the back office.

The solution includes:

  • entertainment content library;
  • analytical tools;
  • administration systems for internal operational processes;
  • built-in technical and customer support services.

In essence, a demo casino is a ready-made business product with a full range of games, content, and user management programs.

The main difference from a traditional slot machine site is time-limited access to the backend. This introductory service is designed to familiarise you with the nuances of administering game projects quickly and safely without risky financial injections.

Demo Casino Content and Functionality

In test mode, a potential investor can access all operational settings, including game library management systems, financial tools, and support services.

Let us consider the key components of a demo casino:

Scalable Back Office

The operator gets access to all technical and operational settings.

The structure of the gaming sites administrative block

Basic tools

The platform can be customised in advance for deployment in a specific market, for example, by determining the main language of the portal, descriptions of entertainment titles, and support services

Content management

The operator can establish product display settings, divide the catalogue into separate categories, add pages with game functions and reviews of new solutions, publish links to streamers’ broadcasts, etc.

Financial instruments

The resource administrator can hide or add new settlement modules set the percentage of commission from bets and payout limits

Support service

The backend allows the entrepreneur to adjust a chatbot, automate protocols for answering standard questions, adjust the priority of feedback, including the allocation of a separate line for communication with VIP clients

This is not a complete list of administrative services that will be provided as part of the temporary access to the gaming platform.

By ordering the connection of a demo casino at Smart Money studio, you can fully adapt your gambling project to your needs. The list of available options includes from basic language settings to choosing the current licence and determining the most effective promotion ways in specific markets.

Content Library

The demo machine site gives access to the best products that guarantee the attraction and retention of the target audience.

On the platform, games of any direction can be presented:

  • fruit and story slots;
  • progressive machines;
  • live shows;
  • table entertainment titles and video poker;
  • lotteries, and others.

The catalogue can be divided into separate categories. It is possible to remove or add individual products, depending on the reaction of users.

Analytics and Forecasting

A demo casino with free slots is the ideal choice for assessing market dynamics and identifying demand for specific offers in different regions.

The solution includes a powerful multifunctional analytical module that allows operators to evaluate the performance of the platform and the efficiency of the entire business in real time.

The system can be completely personalised, for example by:

  • choosing the most convenient visualisation option;
  • enabling additional filters for some indicators;
  • setting analysis priority, etc.

With the help of services from Smart Money, you can not only fully control administrative processes and the level of user activity, but also predict the most likely scenarios for the further development of a business project.

For example, by analysing current client requests, it is possible to identify the most popular content and expand the range of offers in this particular niche.

Support Services

Technical and customer maintenance is a separate multifunctional module, which is also available for personalisation.

For example, you can view statistics, identify the most frequent user requests, and form a FAQ section based on this data. Thus, it is possible to unload the support specialists and create a department exclusively for communicating with the VIP audience.

For the entire period of using the solution, you will receive a dedicated feedback line with Smart Money support services.

You will be provided with:

  • step-by-step instructions for working with all the key functions of the platform;
  • the recommendations for the selection/training of online casino personnel;
  • advice on the actual response to various anomalies in the behaviour of players;
  • the guarantees of prompt elimination of any technical failures.

The Reasons to Connect a Casino Demo from Smart Money

Ordering a trial version of the slot machine site is the most affordable, safe, and convenient way to try on the role of a gambling platform operator.

The connection of the service provides the following advantages and benefits:

  1. The acquisition of useful administrative skills. You can start working in the iGaming vertical without experience. Access to the backend will let you get acquainted with all the nuances of doing business right away in practice and choose the most effective strategy.
  2. The assessment of the potential and industry trends. You will be able to identify the most popular user queries in advance, familiarise yourself with the nuances of promotion in different markets and prepare a development plan for years to come.
  3. Absolute protection against financial risks. The demo version of online slot machines is a free service. You do not need to form capital. However, you can think over future investment sources based on the statistics and forecasts received.
  4. The acquaintance with the requirements for gambling operators. You will not only gain an understanding of industry trends and user demands but also assess the risks and benefits of working in specific markets. This will help you decide on a licence, payment instruments, and other components for a successful independent start in the niche.

The Main Things about the Test Version of an Online Casino

The demo slot machine site is the most reasonable way to dive deep and get acquainted with the nuances of working in the iGaming field in practice.

  • The trial version does not differ in functionality from the turnkey gambling platform. The offer includes the same package of gaming products, administrative settings, settlement tools and analytical tools.
  • Ordering a demo casino eliminates financial risks. The service is provided free of charge with no hidden fees or deferred payments. The main task of this scheme is to safely get acquainted with the gaming environment and evaluate your capabilities for independent work in the segment.
  • Test access to a gambling site is a great tool for collecting statistics. It allows one to form an opinion about industry trends, audience preferences, and the effectiveness of various promotion programs. Operators can also predict the possible risks of investing in a niche in practice.

The solution is provided for 10 days. For more information, please contact the Smart Money studio specialists.

We are interested in your positive experience and offer thoughtful services that allow operators to fully appreciate the potential of the gaming market.

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